Our Story

Mallow and Company is a gourmet marshmallow "bakery" and was founded in January of 2016 by Robin Cohen in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a long time, not-for-profit executive with a passion for baking and good food. After over 25 years of successfully leading organizations all around the United States, Robin decided in 2015 to pursue her passion and make her marshmallow dreams come true.

Robin has been handcrafting marshmallows for years and sharing them with friends and family. Now she has taken that a step further by making them available to those near and far. 

Mallow and Company's marshmallows are handcrafted in small batches using the highest quality ingredients, including pure Madagascar Vanilla, pure cane sugar, fair trade cocoa and fresh fruits.

These delicious mallows are available HERE in our online shop, at select retail outlets and many local farmer's markets in the Philadelphia area. Keep checking our website for the latest additions!

In the near future, Robin will be regularly writing on our blog, "Peace, Love and Marshmallows" and we hope you will join the conversation!!

Enjoy and don't forget to share the MALLOW LOVE!!!