Gourmet Marshmallows

Mallow and Company is the place for artisan, gourmet marshmallows that are sweet, soft and always handmade! A true delight for your tastebuds, because at Mallow and Company we make every marshmallow from scratch, using nothing less than high-quality, all natural, and local ingredients whenever possible. Many of our mallows are gluten-free and are produced in a peanut-free facility.

You will find a full range of flavors at Mallow and Company, from the classic vanilla and chocolate to custom flavors and everything in between. We also do catering, party trays and custom orders.

After just one bite of our mallows, you’ll understand why our customers keep coming back for more! Whether it’s a gift or a self-indulgent treat to satisfy that sweet tooth or craving, Mallow and Company has what you are looking for in a variety of flavors.